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Unit 4 Open Thread


Rose Fortune by KG

In the study of history, it is quite often that the plight of women is underrepresented or even left out.   Further, when comparing the documented and studied history of black women to other female groups, even less information is present.[1]  Black women across history—in Canada and abroad—have faced struggle and racial discrimination on the grand […]

Social Power of 19th Century Women by MK

Social class was an important indicator of power in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and the social standing of women during this time dictated the amount of individual power that they held in society. This thesis will be supported by an analysis of the well-documented life of a woman from the time, Anne Powell, and […]

Unit 3 Open Thread

Social Roles of Women in New France by SL

Women’s roles in the resource trading of New France depended on her status and marital ties that she had. The participation of elite women in the fur trade shows that women were involved in the economy. This active participation was quite normal in New France, compared to the women in Europe[1]. Although not everyone necessarily […]

Marguerite Bourgeoys by KG

  Marguerite Bourgeoys founded the Congregation de Notre-Dame de Montreal, a religious community of women in Ville-Marie, which is known as Montreal today.[1]  She initially traveled from France to Ville-Marie to establish a school to teach young girls.[2]  Her revered status among settlers of Ville-Marie earned her the reputation as “mother of the colony”.[3]   Marguerite […]

Unit 2 Open Thread