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Unit 7 Open Thread


The Cult of True Womanhood by JL

The Cult of True Womanhood Industrialization in Canada caused great upheaval to the previous norms of society. It resulted in a need to recreate a class hierarchy within communities across the country. The Cult of True Womanhood, also called the Cult of Domesticity was a method of identifying middle class women by enhancing their morality […]

Amelia Douglas by JS

Lady Amelia Douglas is recognized today as The Mother of British Columbia.[1] However, the accounts of Amelia’s life prove contrary to the agency and dominion this title possesses. As a mixed woman of 19th century Canada, Amelia’s position and access to power was in direct correlation to the men whom she was associated with as […]


Unit 5 Open Thread

Childbirth in Upper Canada by SS

“In Upper Canada, being a mother was perhaps the most important role assumed by any woman.”[1] It was believed that only a woman had the means to care for, and ensure the well being of, children meritoriously. The nineteenth century brought with it the broadening of the importance of motherhood from purely economical to include […]