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Aboriginal Women’s Experiences at Residential Schools by KP

Aboriginal peoples in Canada suffered unbearable exploitation during the operation of Residential Schools. In essence, children were taken from their families at a very young age and were forced to integrate into the European lifestyle.[1] The assimilation of the Aboriginals was because of two major reasons.[2] Firstly, the Europeans believed that they were superior because […]

Mary Ann Shadd: Born Abolitionist by SS

Mary Ann Shadd : Born Abolitionist   Mary Ann Shadd was an American-born abolitionist, editor, author and educator.  She persuasively promoted emigration to Canada as a means of refuge for not only escaped slaves but also for those who were free yet ever fearing for their liberty in America.  She was the first sole black […]

Unit 11 Open Thread

1920s Beauty Ideals by BB

During the 1920s, a new beauty ideal arrived. This beauty ideal became the flapper, and it would have a major impact on society.  From fashion, to social interaction, the flapper changed it all. The flapper’s radical image change was within women’s clothing and hair.  The characteristics of a typical flapper were not like any other […]

Unit 10 Open Thread

Sexual Mores during WWII by JS

The outbreak of World War II in 1939 signified many changes for Western civilization and an outcry of exasperation amongst individuals who had experienced the First World War and the Great Depression. Although there were negative consequences of the war, women were given a sense of sexual freedom that was denied to them prior to […]

Unit 9 Open Thread