The outbreak of World War II in 1939 signified many changes for Western civilization and an outcry of exasperation amongst individuals who had experienced the First World War and the Great Depression. Although there were negative consequences of the war, women were given a sense of sexual freedom that was denied to them prior to […]

The industrial revolution influenced an economic shift in the nineteenthcentury, as industries began to develop.  This transformation allowed for women to work beyond the home and enter the workforce, particularly in factories, for a paid wage.  The transformation greatly impacted the lives of Canadian women, as they were previously limited to the domestic sphere.  They […]

The lives of women in past generations contrast greatly with the lives of women today. This is because women in previous centuries were expected to remain in the private sphere of their own homes. As time passed, many countries around the world experienced the waves of industrialization and the lives of women began to evolve. […]

Over the course of history, women have been subjected to countless injustices that restricted their autonomy in almost every area of their lives. An examination of the Victorian era in Canada proves it to be no exception, particularly when the lack of self-rule women had over their own bodies is taken into account. The belief […]